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5 Food Strategies for Affordable European Travel

This is Part One of a two-part post on the subject of Frugal Food Strategies.  During 2017–18, I spent thirteen months in Europe, including the UK, the Netherlands, and Denmark. “Isn’t that part of Europe expensive?” you ask? It doesn’t have to be. During that 13 months, the average cost of the food I prepared …

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Shopping…Cooking…Eating: My First Pittu

 Turning my favorite pastimes into thematic travel possibilities provides a way to engage with the culture and meet people. Learn more in my Ultimate Guide to Thematic Travel. Introducing Raj I was not in Sri Lanka 48 hours when I met Raj. I tentatively entered his café, Hikkaduwa Temptations, and asked to see a menu. …

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Jyrgalan…The Phoenix of Kyrgyzstan

Jyrgalan is the most eastern village in Kyrgyzstan. It is in the mountains at about an altitude of 2260 meters (7400 feet). As I mentioned in a previous post, Jyrgalan is a community that is developing its tourism potential to attract not only summer trekkers, but also people who enjoy winter activities. My day hikes …

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Dealing with Airport Taxi Paparazzi and Strategies for Market Shopping

I arrived in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan yesterday morning. I hate overnight flights! I can no longer sleep on an airplane, no matter how much I pretend. This one was no different, except that it did not help that “dinner” was served at 2:00 am with all the accompanying chatter and lights. I should not complain, cheap …

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Camino de Santiago Primitivo: Day 20

La Vega de Sariego—Oviedo     16.8 miles 11 October 2017 This would turn out to be mostly a long, uninspiring day. Except for the first few miles while I walked and visited with Caitlin, the way had little variety and the last half was on suburban and industrial pavement with little variety. The only upside was …

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Shopping…Cooking…Eating: Chapter 2: Causa

Panchita’s Causa Last year when Rebecca (my daughter) and I visited Lima, I had the opportunity to have Causa a la Limeña at Panchita in Miraflores (a highly recommended restaurant!). This is yet another Peruvian dish that uses potatoes, but it is served cold. When I first bit into the dish, my face lit up …

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