With these stories, I hope to encourage everyone to push a bit outside their comfort zone, and experience our incredible world.

Islas! Islas!*

* Islands! Islands!   For the weekend of my 60th birthday (March 22), I decided to take a little tourist jaunt to the island of Amantani via boat. You can purchase a tour  from one of many agencies in Puno, but Juan, my host at Posada Santa Barbara, told me that if I go to …

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I am in Love: Posada Santa Barbara

Warning: This is probably my longest blog so far…but you may be enchanted. I am in love. Cue romantic Italian music, moss-covered stone walls, candle-lit dinners, and a quaint lodge in a small quiet village run by the friendliest couple you have ever met. Sound like a fantasy? Well, I just described Posada Santa Barbara, …

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This blog entry is especially for all those people who have commented to me about how brave I am for travelling on my own. Occasionally I have these experiences that put me in my place where so-called “courage” is concerned. And what is courage, after all? I am such a chicken when I have to …

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