Handbooks for Independent Travel

Link to Thematic Travel Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Thematic Travel

The Ultimate Guide to Thematic Travel is the first in a series of articles on SLOW travel. If you are traveling independently and/or solo, this travel style will provide unique opportunities to interact with locals and make new friends while participating in the activities that you enjoy the most. 

Long Flight Survival Guide

If you have a series of long-haul flights in your future, this guide will help you turn what you may be dreading into an adventure. Based on what I learned on a recent 50-hour/5-leg journey from Indonesia to Ecuador.

Title: The Steps I take on the Road to a reservation

The Steps I Take on the Road to a Reservation

Other travelers often ask me how I research my trips. One person even asked if she could look over my shoulder while I planned my next trip. So, here are my methods for making plans to move on to my next destination. Honing your skills for making your own reservations and travel plans is a core practice for becoming an experienced independent traveler.