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For a long journey, travel planning can take months. Sometimes people ask me if they can look over my shoulder as I make my travel plans, so now I am inviting you to do so. I will be sharing, in step-by-step fashion, how I make my way from dream to travel in a series of articles entitled, “Look Over My Shoulder.”

As the planning progresses, I create a number of personalized documents that will become indispensable once travel begins:

  • a text document containing the core and details of my itinerary and includes links to booking sites and travel articles
  • a route map
  • a calendar
  • spreadsheets to help me keep track of budgets, actual expenses, and logistical data
Samples of documents I use when planning a trip

I will share what these documents look like, so you can duplicate any part of the process that you find useful.

Links to the Articles:

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