Food Strategies for Frugal Travelers—E-book



During her thirteen-month sojourn in Europe, Cathy Fulton’s average daily food costs were less than $10 USD. Her strategy is to travel more like the way she lives at home. Traveling frugally and staying in hostels and guesthouses with kitchens is the key. This includes preparing most of her own meals and saving restaurants for the occasional special treats or opportunities to sample local fare.

But it does not have to be a lot of work! In Food Strategies for Frugal Travelers Cathy outlines easy ways to prepare healthy meals from fresh ingredients without spending a lot of time in the kitchen and without having to carry a lot of food in your pack.

Her goal? In and out of the kitchen quickly and with as little mess as possible!

Enjoy whole-meal salads, fiber-filled breakfasts, and easy-to-make lunches for traveling days. Be prepared to cook under most any circumstance—even without a kitchen! Take advantage of all those bounteous European farmers markets to collect your ingredients. And you won’t be giving up the opportunities to savor local specialties every once in a while.

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