I am Off on Another Adventure!

I am Off on Another Adventure!

Some of my readers have become aware that I will soon be embarking on a new travel adventure, so I thought it would be a good idea to update everyone. 

Standing in front of my last home with my packs

I left my little yurt near Pahoa, Hawaii, which was home for a year, on June 1. I will be visiting my friends  on Vashon Island in Puget Sound, Washington,  for three weeks. Then my first stops will be Iceland and Scotland.

How did all this start? 

It began about three years ago (in 2014) when I first heard about the Camino de Santiago for the first time and then over the next month, I was hearing about it again and again from other unrelated sources. So, I took it as a “sign” that I should make the Camino pilgrimage and began making initial plans to do so in the fall of 2016. 

Circumstances changed and it took an extra year to launch, but in the meantime I managed to keep adding places in Europe that I also wanted to visit:

Estonia because they are famous for a special style of knitted lace shawls, which I just love.

And then…

Scotland because that is where the Shetland Islands are and they, too, are famous for their lace shawls so fine that one will fit through a wedding ring. And well…Scotland! Why not? 

And then…

Southern England because my friend Annie lives there and we could have a nice visit before I begin my Camino. (Of course, on the way, I will have to hike in the Yorkshire Dales because that’s James Herriot country.) 

And then (after a month in Spain)…

All the fascinating countries between Spain and Estonia:  Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark…I might as well make my way around the coast of Europe visiting countries that have lots of knitters–at least until my EU visa expires.

And then (after  few weeks in Estonia)…

Why not take the Trans-Siberian Railroad to Russia’s east coast? Why not? Well, I won’t get there until mid-December.  Hmmm…shades of Dr. Zhivago…Am I crazy? 

Hamish, the Traveling Scarf's first day
I will be accompanied by my Traveling Scarf, which other knitters and crocheters will add to as I travel. The scarf has its own travel blog.
And then…

Wouldn’t it be cool to come home on a leisurely passenger-carrying freighter? 

But then…

Going to Thailand and warming up on a nice beach for a while would be pretty nice as well. 

As you can see, the deeper into the trip I get, the more nebulous my plans become. We will see if I bail out at some point, or—more likely—run out of money. 

Stay tuned…I will keep you posted!


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