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View from the terrace of the Olive Oil Press Museum, Douro Valley, Portugal

Under the Douro Fog

I am lingering in the Douro River Valley here in Portugal. Sometimes, when I walk through the countryside, I feel like I am in a scene from Under the Tuscan Sun.

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Hams hanging over a stall at the Central Market in Oviedo

Camino: Day 20

We started the day at about 3º C—pretty cold—but by the time I reached Cerdeño on the outskirts of Oviedo in the late afternoon, I was hot, sticky, and completely wilted. I stopped in a grocery and bought cold water and cold orange juice and downed them all at once in a nearby park before continuing on into Oviedo.

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The Ermita of San Blas. The place where pilgrims need to decide whether to continue on the Norte route or take the Primitivo Route

Camino: Day 19

Soon, I came to the place where the Camino Primitivo splits from the Camino del Norte. It is a weighty decision for me to choose to do the Primitivo. Most pilgrims who start on the coastal path, stay on the del Norte all the way; some choose the Primitivo. The official start of the Primitivo is actually in Oviedo (two more days walking), but this is the place where pilgrims coming from the del Norte must decide.

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My journal along with a sweet and cafe con leche in a cafe in Villaviciosa

Camino: Day 18

The days are feeling more fall-like with cooler days and nights, but fair weather is holding and it is quite comfortable for hiking. At least once a day I come across bursts of orange in fields and gardens, reminding me of home.

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Orreo--a small building on stilts to store food for winter

Camino: Day 17

The village was special enough just in itself…narrow cobbled streets, stone houses…exactly what you would think of for a traditional village in Spain. But imagine my surprise when I came upon these trompe l’oeil paintings!

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Medieval bridge

Camino Day 16

today was to be one of wonder. I would be slowed down quite a bit by many simple sights along the way. It is amazing that I made 10 miles by day’s end. Support for pilgrims can be found almost every day. Sometimes it is hard to find the yellow arrows that are our waymarks on the Camino, but then there are also times when you cannot mistake which way to go.

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Drawing on albergue wall showing evolution of the pilgrim

Camino: Days 14–15

David, the hospitero, greeted me warmly, and unlike in most albergues who begin the registration process right away, he said, “First things first…Sit down. Would you like tea? Café? He asked where I was from, how my day was and I felt like he was truly interested. I ended up in a room of four beds by myself.

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Albergue in Serdio with mural of a beautiful woman painted on the side

Camino: Days 12–13

The next morning I did not have to leave the hotel until noon. Again, I thought about how lucky I was to have shelter and decided to dedicate this day as well to being grateful for the shelter I found last night.

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Iron sculpture of a pilgrim in the town of Cobreses, Spain

Camino: Days 8–10

Days 7-10 of my Camino de Santiago del Norte: Santander to Cóbreces. — The Monument to the Peregrinos and “You are my FIRST pilgrim!”

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Beach near Santona Spain

Camino: Days 5–7

Days 5-7 of my Camino de Santiago del Norte: Santona to Santander. — Beaches, the famous Guemes albergue, and another ferry.

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Old gate to enter Laredo

Camino:: Day 4

Day 4 of my Camino de Santiago del Norte: Liendo to Santoña. — Walking through Laredo and taking a ferry to Santoña, where I took my first rest day.

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the New Lanark Cotton

Quest for Fiber: The New Lanark Cotton Mill

I spent the entire day walking through the exhibits showing the living quarters, spinning machinery, children’s living conditions, the non-profit company store, and today’s working spinning mill making the New Lanark Wool Yarn.

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It Takes a Team…

I  arrived in Reykjavik on June 30 to begin a trip I have been planning for over two years. But it has taken a TEAM to launch me

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