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Ruins at Chinchero Peru

Chinchero to Urquillos: All downhill…

Wwe asked directions for the path that would take us down through the canyon to the Vilcanota River that runs through the Sacred Valley. It is a little-known walking trail and indeed, we did not encounter anyone, except on farmer and his dog…

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Cathy and Chinchero woman talking about how the yarn is made.

Quest for Fiber: Chinchero Textiles

I enjoyed visiting Centro Textil Llank’ay the most. The women were very welcoming and since we were the only customers, we had a nice visit with them. One talented young woman was knitting a very fine chullo (hat) and manipulating three colors of yarn which she ran around the back of her neck.

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Hiking trail to Huchy Qosco in the Sacred Valley of Peru

Huchuy Qosqo: Hiking up…up…up

It took me four hours to get to the top—it takes the average person three. I met a guide coming down with a tourist couple and he asked where my group was. I told him I was solita(alone) and he gaped at me.

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Shopping…Cooking…Eating: Causa

You can be very creative with this dish. A vegetarian central layer of steamed veggies, egg salad, or various cheeses, work well…And you can use anything that sounds good for garnish: tomatoes, cucumbers, grated carrots—just use your imagination.

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Salinaras Salt Farms in the Sacred Valley of Peru

Growing Salt: The Salineras

I was fascinated with this ancient site where salt has been harvested for over 500 years and maybe even for a millennia. So, on Thursday I decided to again hike up to the salt farms—a beautiful and tough climb from the Sacred Valley.

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Man packing yogurt at a roadside stand in Peru

The Cheese Shop

As you drive through the area around Huarocondo, you see signs for roadside stands selling fresh homemade cheese and yogurt.

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Shopping in the markets: Some groceries I purchased in Arequipa

Comprando en los Mercados y Tiendas

I really enjoy walking through the busy streets picking out the places where I want to shop. Each street seems to have its own specialty and once you know which streets cater to which items, then you know where to go.

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Rebecca in front of the Choquequirao ruins

Choquequirao Trek Part I: Getting There

Choquequirao is considered to be a sister-site to Machu Picchu, but few people know about it. Researchers believe the site may be even larger than Machu Picchu. A very difficult 4-day trek in and out is required to visit these remote ruins.

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