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Look Over My Shoulder Stage 6

Now for the fun part! I love researching potential places to go, things to do, people to meet, food to eat. I even like to research and solidify transportation options and lodging.

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Screenshots of various websites I use for making travel reservations

Look Over My Shoulder Stage 4

It is time to do some preliminary research to get a ballpark idea of how much this will cost. If it is beyond my financial means, now is a good time to cut out some venues, before I get my heart set on all of them.

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Mind Map of Ideas I have while brainstorming travel plans

Look Over My Shoulder Stage 2

Today’s post is quite rambling, following my disparate thoughts from one idea to another. But travel planning—especially a lengthy journey—is rarely straightforward. And in my case, it is usually a pretty messy and disorganized process.

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Look Over My Shoulder Stage 1

Sometimes people ask me if they can look over my shoulder as I make my travel plans, so now I am inviting you to do so. I will document the “steps” (including personal introspections) here in a series of articles.

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Surprised at 3 am

On this particular night, there were three of us in the room. About ten p.m., a young lady arrived to claim a bunk over one of the beds. I was relieved it was not mine. She left her luggage and departed.

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Hostel Bed in Killarney, Ireland

Hostels: They’re Not Just for 20-Somethings

Hostels have moved along with the times and the baby boomers. Many have dropped the word “Youth” from their name. Most have private rooms available for couples and families. I frequently meet other people over 50—especially in the rural and small-town hostels.

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Title Image for My Favorite Video Shorts: Kyrgyzstan & Sri Lanka

My Favorite Video Shorts I

Two years of travel adds up to a LOT of photographs and video footage. Today, I am going to put together a kind of montage of a few of my favorite very short videos and tell the stories behind them. These were taken in Sri Lanka and Kyrgyzstan.

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Movin’ On

If you are an independent traveler, it takes a lot of work to be ready to move to the next destination
If you were on an organized excursion, all this is done for you, but when you are on your own, you are on your own.

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Lost in the Old City

I was enthralled—and frustrated! I wanted to wander the streets, savor the aromas—really get a feel for this foreign place. But it was not to be. “Tour 201–boarding in 5 minutes.” Uggghhh!

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What is YOUR Travel Style?

It is important for each person to figure out what his/her travel style is. It may take a while, and it may change from time to time, and place to place. Don’t allow others determine what your travel style is.

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Tattooed Like an Old Salt

The crazy idea came to me when I was in Denmark in July. Once the idea was in my head, I could not shake it. I would be in south Asia; maybe I could find a good artist and it would not cost so much.

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Do-It-Yourself Travel

Most independent travelers like to choose their destinations and itineraries based on their own interests, and they like to do all or most of their own travel research.

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Worries and Fears Title Image

Worries & Fears

People often ask me if I am afraid to travel alone.
Yes, sometimes I am afraid when traveling. But no more often than when I am at home. Experience helps. Sometimes you just need to step out and meet your fears head-on.

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Embracing Solo Travel Title Image

Embracing Solo Travel

The main advantage of traveling alone is that you can decide where to go and how long to stay and you have all the say-so in your itinerary.

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