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Long Term Travel...Is it for you?

Is Long-Term Travel for You?

Maybe you feel that the two-to-three weeks of vacation time you get every year is just not enough. I used to say, “Gosh, if I’m going to go to the trouble and expense to travel that far, I want to stay a while!”

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Fabada, Wine and Bread


I asked owner what it was. He did not have enough English to describe it. He just kissed his fingertips and smiled. I threw caution to the wind.

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Pinch-Myself Moments

HEN, there are days when I have what I call “pinch-myself moments.” And those make all the other regular and challenging days of my travel lifestyle worthwhile.

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Closeup of my Camino ring

Camino: Day 36

Today, I spent a great deal of time chanting over and over, under my breath, “When I learn to live serenely, cares will cease,” in time to my steps. Now, here at the end of my Camino, I am only just beginning to understand those words.

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Plate of vegetable pittu with dal curry

Shopping…Cooking…Eating: My First Pittu

He made a mixture of red rice flour, salt and a small amount of water. Then he sliced and grated vegetables into thin slivers—carrot, onion, and cabbage and tossed them into the crumbly mix. “Three vegetables is good,” he informed me. You can use about any vegetable combinations you want.

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Part of my menu del dia in Azura. Steak on top of cooked cabbage.

Camino: Days 34—35

Arriving in Melide yesterday meant that I was now finished with the Camino Primitivo route and had joined the Camino Frances—the busiest and most well-known of all the Caminos. I had seen the last of the days when I would be walking alone almost all day with plenty to contemplate.

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Cemetery on Dia de los Muertos.

Camino: Day 33

My walk from Castrelo to A Sexias turned out to be a walk from Castrelo to Melide–all for the sake of food! It was probably my second most frustrating day on the Camino!

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