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Horreo in Galicia Spain

Camino: Day 32

I was hungry and looking forward to ordering the menu del dia at the café. I sat down and waited. No one came to my table….Some men at the bar said that they had stopped serving at 2:30. But I had sat down before that!

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Old gorgoyle-ish lion heads on the wall of the postoffice.. You insert your mail into their mouths.

Camino: Day 31

It was still pitch dark when we had to leave the albergue this morning. With flashlights, we pilgrims peered around in search of the yellow arrows leading us away from Cadavo.

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Old church steeple with a tree growing out of the side

Camino: Day 30

It is funny, I don’t tend to miss people much—that is probably why I can be gone from home for months on end. But I sometimes feel guilty because I think I should miss people more—like I am not being a very good friend.

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The Simple Yet Useful Samovar

In the center of the large kettle of water is a tiny fireplace, complete with chimney! A small fire is built and before long the water surrounding the chimney is boiling.

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View of Jyrgalan from the mountainside above.

Jyrgalan…The Phoenix of Kyrgyzstan

the Russians moved away. And, they did something inexplicable, but very common to humans—they burned their homes. The only people left were the ethnic Kyrgyz people, and slowly the village began to die.

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The finished borsok

Preparing Borsok with Altynai

Borsok holds an integral place in Kyrgyz culture and it is found by the thousands at any celebration. It also serves an important role during the year of grieving after a loved one dies

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Four train tickets from San Sebastian to Utrecht

The Best Way to Fly Across France!

I LOVE trains for so many reasons: no security lines, show up at the station 10 minutes before departure, carry on everything and have all your stuff available to you during the trip, wide seats, easy to walk around, scenery, low-carbon footprint, AND I can have my knitting!!

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Foggy forest

Camino: Day 29

The walk started uphill, which is not the best way to warm up cold, unstretched muscles. The pea-soup fog was lovely in the village, but once I was on the highway, I felt truly unsafe, knowing drivers could not see me until the last minute. Once I left the highway, the trail became tranquil.

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elevation map of the walk from La Mesa to Grande de Salime

Camino: Day 28

Today turned out to be a beautiful walk, even if it was tough in its own way. It was a clear fall day which made the pumpkins in the fields and beside the road pop out with their orange color.

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View from Sheep Walk Trail--with snowy mountains

A Winter Walk in the West Highlands

In the summer, the West Highland Way is a virtual highway of trekkers. I might encounter as many as 100 people on a nice summer day. Today I would meet five other walkers. Of course, I had to be prepared for the cold, but dressing in several layers was the remedy.

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ruins along the Ruta Hospitales

Camino: Days 26—27

Camino de Santiago Primitivo Days 26-27: Tineo to Berducedo This is a camino of gratitude for me. Each day, I choose something I am grateful

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Drawing of a yellow arrow with a stick figure of a pilgrim riding it like a horse.

Camino: Day 25

Then, not realizing there was one more step, I walked forward and fell flat on my chest. Life seemed to swing into slow motion as I hit the pavement and then my pack crashed against me, crushing me harder to the pavement. My first fear was that my Camino was over.

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Pilgrims and hosts eating dinner together at Albergue de Bodenaya

Camino: Day 24

As I prepare for probably 10 miles today, I am looking forward to the walking. If someone were to say that it was time to stop, I would rebel. I am not read to quit. Will I feel the same when I get to Santiago? Or Finisterre?

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Yellow arrow pin given to me at the Monastery

Camino: Days 21–23

But I got to thinking about how taking advantage of this refuge fit in with my gratitude choice for the day—being appreciative of things that happen in my life. If you are appreciative for the offer of a gift or opportunity and accept it, then you honor the giver.

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